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Brian Wilson

My name is Brian Wilson and I am working here at and writing an amazing piece of content for it. I have a certified education and diplomas in woodworking and operating tools as well. I have been working in this field since 2007 and now I am doing some reviews and giving guides and tips on carpentry and its tools here at

Before joining it, I have worked in the industry for 10 years and I have a good knowledge and experience of operating, maintaining, and giving guides on tools. So I am trying my best to enlighten my readers and followers about the basics and expertise of carpentry.

I would like to show you some of my biographies and also I want to share my journey and experiences through the way of woodworking.

So let’s get into more details.

My Craving for Woodwork

Because we are talking about woodworking then why not start with it. So my craving for woodworking started when I passed my school. Although prior to it, I was not fond of making wood items or even an art piece as well.

So how I fell in love with carpentry is a bit interesting. It was summertime in my college days and our teachers have decided to go out on a trip to a museum visiting. So we went to the Wharton Esherick Museum which is located in Malvern, Pennsylvania. It is one of the best wood art museums in the US.

So we reached there and started to visit the museum. When I saw the amazing pieces of art there my reaction was full of wonder. That moment, I started to take an interest in wood crafting and arts. And my affection for wood art becomes deeper and deeper with the passage of time.

Now I am an expert and admirer of wood art and also I am working on different carpentry projects and enjoy my work a lot.


As I told you earlier, I started to take interest in carpentry when I was in my college life. So before passing my college I already have decided to study carpentry and become a professional woodworker.

So below are some of my degrees and certifications in carpentry and woodworking. Let’s have a look.

So these are some of my expertise and certifications that helped me a lot to produce some big projects and also helped me to understand the true woodworking.

Why started to write about Carpentry?

Although I am earning good revenue from my carpentry projects there is always a hollow in my personality that I want to overcome. I always wanted to help people with my experience and skills. So that’s the reason I started to teach woodworking to beginners in my local areas.

I started many sessions of classes in summer vocations to teach the students who want to join woodworking as a career.

Currently, I am still running online classes on woodworking, and the following are the topics:

So my intention to start a website or write something useful and worthy about the carpentry is to educate people from all around the globe. This is the easiest and comprehensive way to convey my knowledge all across the world.

So I am doing my best to educate woodworkers and make them able to stand up and create their own carpentry business.

What I am writing about?

Currently, I am focusing on giving you reviews and buying guides on different carving tools and products. As I have already worked with those tools and machines so I have a deep analysis experience about those tools.

So now I want to share my analysis and reviews on those tools so you can make the right decision and choice when you need to buy those machines.

You can get benefits from my tool’s reviews and also get the complete buyer’s guide for each of the products.

Some of the reviews are on the following product.

SO make sure you have consumed all content before you go to buy your tool from Amazon.

What’s inspired me to Carve?

I am a very big admirer of artwork, especially wood artwork. As I mentioned prior in this article that my first inspiration for carpentry has come from the art museum. Since then, I have devoted my life to woodworking and carvings or artwork.

Besides the artwork, I also love to work on big and challenging projects. I have also completed many challenging and tough projects with the help of some amazing tools and my expert colleagues.

Now whenever someone comes to me with a project that seems to be hard to perform, I accept it as a challenge and work hard until I get success. This is a limitless inspiration that will never ever be vanished.

My Future Planning

So until now, I am happy with my work and profession but I want to do something more valuable for my readers and students. So I have arranged some of the future goals that I will chase very soon.

As you know I have a craze for teaching people and making them skillful so I have decided to open a college of woodworking and there I will compile some top best teachers from all across the world and invite them to teach in my carpentry artwork college to share their skills and knowledge with students.

I am also working to write some worthy books on woodworking so that more people can get the benefits from my experience.

But I know that opening the best artwork college isn’t an easy task. But I won’t give up and keep working hard to meet my goals. I have done some calculations and according to my calculations, in the next 5 to 8 years, I will be able to make a master level college or school for woodworkers.

Wrapping up

So this is my biography and I am happy that you show interest in my work and that’s why you are here. If you like my work and get a benefit from my reviews and buying guides then share your thoughts in comments.

I will be glad to see your positive comments and feedback on my profile ad work. There is an intention behind the writing of this profile information that belongs to give inspiration to others who are struggling to become an art worker.

So now you can see how I have earned the name, fame and massive success in this field then you can’t do this?

Make a strong decision today, set your goals, and just focus on the journey to success. You will encounter hurdles and tough circumstances but never lose hope and stay affirmed.

I hope you enjoy this profile and I am waiting for your feedback.